The entrepreneurial university

Sciences juridiques, économiques et de gestion
Dates: 01/10/2019 - 31/12/2019

Lieu: FSJES - Casablanca  |  Ville: Casablanca, MOROCCO

Extending the university’s mission to have a greater impact on economic development, has gained a great focus on research, giving birth to the entrepreneurial university concept. This is a relatively new appellation for universities, commonly referred to as an advancement in university policies, which have become wider and have as a purpose technological innovation (Dalmarco, Hulsink and Blois, 2018). It is a new configuration, oriented essentially towards entrepreneurship by influencing academic activities, supporting teachers and students to start up new ventures, creating and disseminating new knowledge through research projects, and developing the capacity to address and respond to society needs (Kalar and Antoncic, 2015), as well as improving preliminary administrative techniques, strategies, policies and programs, establishing cooperation and partnerships with government and industry, generating and exploiting knowledge and technology to promote an innovative system (Etzkowitz, 2008; Guerrero and Urbano, 2012). The growing mission of university is involved as a development key of regional and economic synergies. Building relationships, strengthening local economic networks and engage with external environment into an entrepreneurial vision to create entrepreneurship capital. Thus, contributing to regional attractiveness (Budyldina, 2018; Pugh et al., 2018; Sánchez-Barrioluengo and Benneworth, 2019).

As a global phenomenon, the entrepreneurial mission and its manifestation are getting wider, reaching several dimensions as social, regional, economic and institutional, which has transformed the university into a major economic player. Consequently, the theme has gained a great interest among the different stakeholders in the entrepreneurship ecosystem.

The mission of the colloquium is to enhance the debate around the theme of entrepreneurial university, among academics, innovators, industry, entrepreneurs, investors, governments and policy makers worldwide, especially in emerging countries, with the aim to enable the international exchange of knowledge, and sensitize about this matter for a concrete engagement in the development of innovation ecosystems.

Academic papers, practitioners and policy case studies as well as provocative expositions on subjects to the entrepreneurial university; are welcome, with particular emphasis on the themes of the colloquium:

  • ›  Strategies for an entrepreneurial university;

  • ›  Best practices and cases of established entrepreneurial universities;

  • ›  Entrepreneurship education and its impact;

  • ›  Challenges for the transition to the entrepreneurial paradigm;

  • ›  Economic model, regional development, knowledge economy and entrepreneurial


  • ›  Entrepreneurial potential for universities in emerging countries;

  • ›  Entrepreneurial university and industry cooperation;

  • ›  Developing innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystems;

  • ›  Regional responsible research & innovation;

  • ›  Immaterial capital, university spillovers and knowledge transfer;

  • ›  Regions, Triple Helix and innovation models;

  • ›  Technology parks, incubators and faculties;

  • ›  Technology transfer offices (intellectual property, patents, etc.);

  • ›  Technology licensing offices (technology and knowledge transfer, licenses, etc.);

  • ›  Startup by recent graduates, spin-offs and academic entrepreneurship;

  • ›  Funding, research and knowledge creation within universities;

  • ›  Research centers and research collaborations.


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