9Th maghrebian colloquium of applied geophysics

Sciences de l’ingénieur
Dates: 23/04/2024 - 25/04/2024

Lieu: Kenitra, Morocco  |  Ville: Kénitra, Maroc

Groundwater as well as mineral resources, fossil fuels and renewable energy, have always been an unavoidable feature of both national and international programs and development plans. Moreover, Groundwater contamination, infrastructure, climate change, and other study areas are only a few examples of the new problems that have come about as an outcome of the industry growth dynamics. Notice that all aspects of the discovery, creation, and utilization of new natural resources include geophysical engineering. Therefore, modernisation of its instruments and the transition to a new digital economy provide challenges for geophysicists, in turn. Emerging advances in artificial intelligence and big data necessitate ongoing development of interpretation practitioners' abilities in data processing.

The ninth Maghrebian Colloquium of Applied Geophysics (MCAG-9) which will take place at the Ibn Tofail University Kenitra (Morocco) in 2024 is a major scientific event where Exploration of subsurface resources is the main priority. The Maghrebian geophysicist community is well aware of the issues and has, for the past 20 years, developed a mindset that makes scientific vigilance, innovation, and talent improvement the primary components of its strategy. Leading experts and researchers in various fields of geosciences took part in the Maghreb Colloquium on Applied Geophysics (MCAG). It is a platform for intercultural dialogue and a remarkable event in Africa.

After hosting the inaugural edition in 2004, Morocco is continuing its dedication to the advancement of geological sciences in general and geophysics in particular. To emphasize the role of geophysics in sustainable development, researchers, students, contractors, and all other geophysics users are invited to participate and to share the findings of their original studies and innovations relevant to the colloquium tracks. Detailed information about this event is provided by the present circular as well as by CMGA9 website www.cmga9-kenitra.ma.

The MCAG 9 is a venue that encourages communication and discussion. its key goals are creation of a single code of ethics and raising local actors' knowledge of the need to adopt standards during geophysical studies.


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