2Nd international conference on big data, modelling and machine learning (bml'21)

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التاريخ: 05/06/2021 08:00 - 06/06/2021 19:00

Venue: National School of Applied Sciences Kenitra  |  المدينة: Kenitra, Maroc


Big data, Modelling and Machine-learning, are the most interesting topics for researchers dealing with applied and theoretical studies and problematics. Big data processing and architecture, Computational Modelling, Data mining and Machine learning, contribute to improving the human knowledge in Artificial Intelligence and its applications.

To promote the scientific works on these topics, The 2nd International E-Conference on Big Data, Modelling and Machine learning (BML’21) will be held in ENSA of Kenitra, Morocco, Jun. 5 – 6, 2021.  BML’21 will provide an opportunity for academic and industry professionals to discuss the latest issues and progress in the area of Big data, Machine learning, Simulation and Modelling.

BML’21 will be an opportunity for academics and specialists to present and publish their work and learn about trends in scientific research, as well as to establish future collaborations between research groups and professional.

This 2nd edition  is the continuation of the 1st edition held in ENSA Kenitra.

We invite all speakers and participants to present their research and/or experiences to the BML’21 according to the topics below:
  • Big data :
    • Big Data Models and Algorithms
    • Big Data Architectures
    • Big Data Management
    • Big Data Security and Privacy
    • Big Data in Smart Cities
    • Big Data for Enterprise, Government and Society
    • Big Data Search and Mining Algorithms and Systems
  • Computational Modelling and Simulation :
    • High Performance Computing & Simulation
    • Information and Scientific Visualization
    • Computing and Simulation Applications in Education
    • Computing and Simulation Applications in Biology
    • Computing and Simulation Applications in Environment
    • Computing and Simulation Applications in Physics
    • Databases and Visualization
    • Finite and Boundary element Techniques
    • Mathematical Modelling and Application
    • Modelling, Simulation and Control of Technological Processes
    • Mathematical and Numerical Methods in Simulation & Modeling
    • Networked Modeling and Simulation technology
    • Parallel and Distributed Computing Simulation
    • Simulation, Experimental Science and Engineering
  • Machine learning :
    • Data Mining and Machine Learning Tools
    • Machine Learning Applications
    • Machine Learning Methods and analysis
    • Statistical Learning
    • Deep Learning
    • Reinforcement Learning
    • Bayesian Networks
    • Support Vector Machines
    • Text and Multimedia Mining
    • Feature Extraction and Classification
    • Distributed and Parallel Learning Algorithms and Applications
    • Fuzzy Logic
    • Natural Language Processing
    • Neural Networks
    • Convolutional Neural Networks
    • Decision Support Systems
    • Deep Learning and Big Data Analytics
In addition, this conference will be an opportunity for researchers and Phd Students to present their works and participant in Doctorate Seminar and Workshops :
  • Big data and Big data analytics
  • R and Python for Data Science
  • Research Methodology in Computer Science


The 2nd International Conference on Big Data, Modelling and Machine learning (BML’21) is organized by the Academy of Researchers (AOR Academy) in partnership with National School of Applied Sciences of KenitraDoctoral Study Center of Ibn Tofail University and Ibn Tofail University.


– All the accepted and presented papers will be submitted for inclusion in SciTePress Digital Library (Proceeding will be submitted for indexation by: Scopus, DBLP…)(https://www.scitepress.org)


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