The industrialisation, infrastructure constructions and housing projects have destroyed many historical sites and started transforming many landscapes and effectively delete significant industrial and technical heritage. Former industrial sites have been rebuilt as commercial buildings or became residential areas with no association with previous functions and times. Hopefully, some sites have been preserved as open air museums or technical and industrial museums, trying to preserve and represent the forgotten glory of industrial times through different conservation efforts.

- Technical/industrial: it refers to the physical remains of the history of technology and industry; old factories, mining sites, water-powered mills, warehouses as well as power and transportation infrastructure.

- Cultural Identity: Most common definitions of Cultural Identity presented it as a feeling of being included in a group or culture.

Then the question can be: Do we have this sympathetic felling towards industrial heritage?

Can we consider it as an important element of our cultural identity?  


Other issue: Different industrial constructions and infrastructures made by the “invader” after a military occupation of different countries in the 1st and 2nd Wold War.

But, after the independence, can those countries accept this “colonial heritage” as part of their cultural identity and continue to preserve it as a national heritage? 


We hope that this conference can be a real forum dedicated to the study of industrial heritage issues and aspects, and an important opportunity for the promotion and interpretation of the technical heritage.


- What’s the relationship between Technical heritage & Cultural Identity?

- How museums can help assimilate that the technical heritage is part of our cultural identity?

- How museums and science centers can represent this reality in their exhibition?

- Relationship between culture and technology

- What is the ‘heritage-isation’ of technics and industry?

- Industrial heritage inside and outside of museums.

-  Industrial heritage sites as a World Heritage

- Work-groups sessions: case studies: representing industrial heritage in exhibition.

- How do we address the next generations using new pedagogic tools for presenting technical heritage indoor & outdoor


We encourage museum professionals and scholars to submit papers that relate to the wide themes of our conference. A theoretical and practical approach to issues of industrial and technical and scientific heritage is most welcome.

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